Volume 11




Volume 11 (2018), Issue No. 1

Giardiasis and its Associated Risk Factors Among School Children in Selected Rural Communities in South Eastern Nigeria
O. Ogbuu, C. C. Ohaeri, E. C. Amaechi, and B. U. Ejike (pp. 1-10)

Prevalence, Antigenic Recognition and IgG Antibody Response in Pigs Infected with Sarcoptes scabiei var. suis in Confined Pens
O. Shittu, O. A. Opeyemi, R. A. Kadir, and S. Ajibaye (pp. 11-21)

Aircraft Noise Assessment in a Mixed Urban–Residential Hamlet and the Possible Role of Tree Cover in Noise Abatement in Pajac, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
J. Espenido, J. Cenia, T. Peñalosa, and D. Dy (pp. 22-31)

Assessment of Radon Concentration of Ground Water in Ijero Ekiti
D.M. Akinnagbe, M. M. Orosun, R. O. Orosun, O. Osanyinlusi, K. A. Yasuk, F. C. Akinyose,
T. A. Olaniyan, and S. O. Ige (pp. 22-41)

Anticancer Compounds From Nine Commercially Grown and Wild Philippine Mushrooms
C. Y. Ragasa (pp. 42-57)

Bound-State Solutions of the Schrödinger Equation with Woods–Saxon Plus Attractive Inversely Quadratic Potential via Parametric Nikiforov–Uvarov Method
B. I. Ita, N. Nzeata-Ibe, T. O. Magu, and L. Hitler (pp. 58-67)


Volume 11 (2018), Issue No. 2

Manganese–Ketopinic Acid–Derived Catalyst for Aldol Condensation Reactions
Y. Hassan, R. Klein, and P. T. Kaye (pp. 68-74)

A Problem on Clique Partitions of Regular Graphs
R.B. Ponsones, and F.J.H. Campeña (pp. 75-80)

Multistationarity in Earth’s Pre-industrial Carbon Cycle Models
N.T. Fortun, A.R. Lao, L.F. Razon, and E.R. Mendoza (pp. 81-96)

Impact of Cypermethrin and Chlorpyrifos on Microbial Activity and Biomass in Nigerian Soil
O.O. Adebisi, D.O. Adetitun, and A.B. Olayemi (pp. 97-111)

Morphological Description of Subtidal Sponges (Porifera: Demospongiae) Inhabiting Preselected Sites in Talim Bay, Lian, Batangas, Philippines
J.P.C. Tan, F.L.G. Zuniega, W.R. Licuanan, and F.G. Claveria (pp. 112-134)

Anti-G-Hermiticity Preserving Linear Map That Preserves Strongly the Invertibility of Calkin Algebra Elements
J. G. Buscano and J. T. F. Reyes (pp. 136-146)

A Study of Natural Radioactivity and Gamma Radiation Hazard in Tobacco Leaves and Cigarettes in Oyo State, Nigeria
F. C. Akinyose, P.Tchokossa, M. M. Orosun, S. O. Oluyide, O. Olatunji, and G. Martins (pp. 147-157)

Bioremediation: Immobilized Ficus sycomorus Stem Bark also Removes Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solutions
F.E. Oluwayemisi, R. Usaku, A. Fari, and A. Akinterinwa (pp. 158-170)

Ecogenotoxicogical assessments of some selected fish species from Apodu Reservoir, Malete, North central, Nigeria
A.T. Anifowoshe, S.O. Oladipo, O.A. Owolodun, M.K. Akinseye, T.F. Olafimihan, A.G. Sidiq, A.A. Muhammed, T.A. Asa, and M.K. Mustapha (pp. 171-184)