Volume 9




Volume 9 (2016), Issue No. 1

Tegumental Studies of Adult Fasciola gigantica (Giant liver fluke) from Philippine Carabaos (Bubalus bubalis) Using Scanning Electron Microscopy for Lead Bio-Indicator Analysis
A. C. G. Chang and M. J. C. Flores (pp. 1-7)

A Computer Assisted Diagnosis System for the Identification/Auscultation of Pulmonary Pathologies
M. O. Cordel II and J. P. Ilao (pp. 8-26)

The Assessment of the of E-Waste Management Generated from Cellular Phones, Laptops, and Personal Computers in the Philippines
Z. F. Alam (pp. 27-42)

Family Structure and Parental Involvement Vis-à-vis Science Performance of Grade 7 Students of Samar National School
M. Mustacisa (pp. 43-48)

Success Probability of an n-Step Process with n Independent Step Probabilities
A. P. A. Wee and E. G. Nocon (pp. 49-66)

On the Construction of Some LCD Codes over Finite Fields
E. R. Lina, Jr., E. G. Nocon (pp. 67-82)


Volume 9 (2016), Issue No. 2

Educational Vulnerability Assessment of Youth on Natural Disasters: The Case of Brgy. Paciano Rizal, Bay, Laguna
S. S. Samantela, S. L. M. Chua, A. M. A. Cinco, A. L. B. Cura, K. C. Mojica, and M. C. T. Malenab (pp. 83-90)

Fish Species Abundance and Species Richness in a Diverted Channel in Ilog, Negros Occidental, Philippines
J. Oñate-Pacalioga and A. Peralta (pp. 91-104)

On the pH and Acid Neutralizing Capacity Profile of Manila Bay Coastal Water Samples in Manila, Philippines
D. E. P. Sumalapao, L. L. A. Cruz, S. K. N. Cua, H. V. G. Dauigoy, and E. A. De Leon (pp. 105-114)

Survey on the Current Status of Serial and Parallel Algorithms of Frequent Itemset Mining
R. L. Uy and M. T. C. Suarez (pp. 115-135)

Comparative Analysis on Lettuce Quality Produced From Urban Agriculture and Organic Farming
J. S. R. Carandang VI, E. A. Busayong, E. C. R. Punzalan, R. W. Taylor, J. L. Carandang, J. I. B. Janairo, and F. F. Co (pp. 136-147)

Density Functional Theory–Based Study of the Structural Properties of Hexagonal Boron Nitride/Graphene Hetero-Bilayer and Silicene/Hexagonal Boron Nitride/Graphene Hetero-Structures for Thin Film Transistor Applications
C. A. Pelotenia, A. A. Padama, S. Aspera, N. Arboleda, H. Kasai, and M. David (pp. 148-155)